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defines us?
Who are we?

The ABK is looking for a Mission Statement

What is important to us? What is our shared idea? How do we want to work together? These are the questions that we’re focused on, and we can only find the answers together. In 2018, the abk senate already came to the decision: As a university, we need a Mission Statement. COVID delayed us, but now, finally, we are starting this project. We know that this comes with many questions: What does it mean? Why now? What will change? With this website we want to answer these questions, report transparently on the process, and, most importantly, enable participation. Here you will find all information about events, invitations to current surveys, and regular updates and documentation of developments and interim results.

our approach?

The Mission Statement process is divided into four phases. We start with an inventory, analysing strengths, weaknesses and the potential for the process. The next step is to define concrete goals together: What do we want to change, and how? On this basis, abk’s vision and values will be developed in an open and collaborative process. What defines us, and where do we want to go? Only with the answers to these questions can we formulate our Mission Statement.

Senate Decision

In 2018, the abk senate already came to the decision: As a university, we need a Mission Statement. COVID delayed us, but now we are finally beginning with the project. In the November 2021 Senate meeting, the preliminary Steering Committee was decided and the project plan was presented and approved.

Project Start

On 16 and 17 November, the members of the Steering Committee (in progress) came together for the first time to kick off the project. In addition to an initial inventory, the Steering Committee agreeds upon common goals and the guidelines for cooperation. Uncertainties and risks are also addressed. On this basis, the implementation of the Mission Statement process is planned together with the consulting agency.


With the opening on 30 November, we began the mission statement process together. The public kick-off event provides information about the planned process, presents opportunities for participation, and starts the discourse.

Mission Statement Workshop 1

In the first workshop, interested persons and representatives of the Steering Committee work together on the topics of the mission statements. It took place in the week of February 21 to 24, 2022. Here you find the results.

Mission Statement Workshop 2

We will work on the mission statement in detail on April 11 10 am – 4 pm and on April 12 11:30 am – 4 pm. Meet us at the info booth in the foyer of Neubau 2; for Self-image & Profile in Neubau 2, for Participation & Communication in Altbau; for Culture & Values and Future & Vision in Neubau 1.

Be part of it!

Mission Statement Workshop 3

Interested parties and representatives from the Steering Committee meet in workshops in order to work on the Mission Statement together. Opportunities to participate in the workshops will be published on this website.

Mission Statement Development

The results of the Mission Statement workshops, as well as the other formats within the process framework, will be compiled and evaluated by the Steering Committee. Together we’ll look at the results of our exchange and collaboration in the workshops and other formats. From this, we’ll derive the basis for our Mission Statement and create the first draft.

Our Mission Statement

Based upon feedback on the draft document, we will formulate our Mission Statement.

Closing Event

The Mission Statement will be presented at a closing event in late April.

Submission of Strategy and Development Plan

On 30 June 2022 the Mission Statement will be submitted as an integral part of the abk Strategy and Development Plan.

are all abk

Our Mission Statement can only be created through the participation of the entire university. This is a challenge, as it requires listening to many voices and entering into dialogue with one another. To make this  possible, we are developing various formats for participation—both on site at the abk and digitally. Everyone is invited and called upon to participate.


Get in touch

Here you have the opportunity to formulate your own view on abk, to contribute your own ideas to the mission statement process, or to give feedback:

Steering Committee (in progress)

A Steering Committee, consisting of representatives from different status groups, is formed The members of the Steering Committee represent the interests of their groups, organise the mission statement process, and are the contact persons for questions and comments.

Barbara Bader


Anne Bergner

Professorin für Grundlagen des Designs und Prototyping

Rolf Bier

Professor für Allgemeine künstlerische Ausbildung, Mitglied im Senat

Andrea Funck

Professorin für Konservierung und Restaurierung

Enno Lehmann

Künstlerisch-technischer Lehrer in der Werkstatt für Maltechniken

Willem Müller

Justiziar und Referent der Hochschulleitung

Sabrina Münzer

Akademische Mitarbeiterin für Wohnbau, Grundlagen und Entwerfen

Kristina Pauli

Stabsstelle Hochschulkommunikation

Mira Anna Simon

Vertreterin des Studierendenparlaments, Mitglied im Senat

Benedikt Waldmann

Vertreter des Studierendenwerks, Vertreter des Studierendenparlaments

Gina Lange-Hermstädt & Tom Schmiedel





What is a Mission Statement?
A Mission Statement is an organisation’s written declaration of its self-image and its basic principles—a self-description.

What is a Mission Statement process?
In a Mission Statement process, a common self-image is created, serving as the basis for the formulation of a Mission Statement.

In 2018 the University Senate of the ABK already made the decision: We need a Mission Statement. COVID delayed the start of this project, but now it’s finally getting underway. The Mission Statement is an integral part of our university’s strategy and development plan.

A Mission Statement process requires the participation of all members of an organisation or institution. To make this possible, it is important to plan the process well and to ensure sufficient time. Our Mission Statement process began back in November with the founding of the Steering Committee. The process should be completed by April 2022.

There will be various ways to get involved, which we will regularly inform you about both on this website, and also through all other communication channels.

The members of the Steering Committee represent the interests of their groups, organise the mission statement process, and are the contact persons for questions and comments.